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Some say it is bad to place your entire page in an UpdatePanel. But I want to! So this little thing sends only the changes inside an UpdatePanel, getting up to 99%reduction in amount of data sent to the client! It is the next logical step from "ajaxifying" a site.

Response.Filter = new UpdatePanelShrinkerFilter(Response.Filter, Page); in Page_Load of pages or master pages.

Make sure you either have write access for web.config and create rights for the web folder or that you add to the web.config
<add path="CommandHandler.axd" verb="GET,HEAD" type="Siderite.Web.Handlers.CommandHandler" validate="true" />
in the system.web , httpHandlers section.

Pay a lot of attention to the Debug Output window in Visual Studio, where the memory footprint and compression rates are shown.

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